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Seems things really changed a lot since the last time I was on this blog. Once was a time when you were almost always talking to people here… Guess the good things really do always come to an end. If you feel you need to leave, then take a couple days away and see if you feel better that way. If you come back after those couple days away and feel more comfortable, then that’s good as well. Something you need to take into account as well, is that not always will people come to you to talk even when you ask them to, and seeking out people specifically would be more effective in that matter. Know that there will be people that miss you if you leave, but nobody should guilt trip you into staying when you feel unwelcome.

I don’t know how much help that’ll be, especially considering that we’ve never interacted, but that’s what I’ve got to say on the matter. In the end, the decision is all up to you.

300 Follower Contest Extravaganza of Stuff and Things!




YES INDEED. I am nearing the arbitrary follower total of 300 crazed individuals (as there can be no other explanation for putting up with my innumerable shenanigans), and in order to celebrate this big, round number, I am holding a CONTEST THINGY!

Now, what are the prizes for said thingy? EXCELLENT QUESTION! I have, at this moment, determined that there will be 3 prizes, due to 3 being the only number in the follower count that isn’t zero! And I do mean JUST now, as I was typing this. There was originally just going to be one prize, but I’m going to the card and comic shop later today for Commander night, so I’ll pick up two more!

WHAT PRIZEZESES!? You incoherently shriek at you computer. Which is silly because I can’t hear you. But to answer, THESE PRIZES:

The artiste fantastique who brought you DEACON’s new series of spider drones! This will be paid for by me, and will be of DEACON (or Dea, your choice) interacting with your Muse in some way (also your pick, but nothing past PG-13, please).

A DOCTOR WHO COLLECTIBLE ACTION FIGURE, IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING! Probably of a new series Cyberman or Dalek, because Dr. Who is awesome, Cybermen are awesome, Daleks are awesome, and if you disagree, you are certifiably NOT awesome. (NOTE: Collecting this prize will require you to provide me with a valid mailing address. If this is problematic, I will attempt to substitute something of equal or lesser value, but I can offer no guarantees. I recommend that, if you have a problem giving out your home address to a crazy dude on the internet [a valid concern], give me a friend’s address and steal his mail for a few weeks until the figure gets in.)

INCREDIBLE MYSTERY PRIZE! It’s a mystery, because I have no clue what it will be yet! EXCITING! In all likelihood, it will be another snazzy item I found at the comic shop, or maybe something from my personal collection of enigmatic doodads! WHO KNOWS?! I sure don’t! (As with the second prize, this one will require a shipping address be provided. If this is problematic, see above disclaimer.)


Yes, there are rules; yes, if you break them, you will be ineligible to win (although it would be kind of hard to do so).

  • TO ENTER: Just reblog this post! Please reblog only once per RP blog. Reblogging on a personal to spread the word is fine, but personals will not be counted as entries when the time comes to choose a winner.
  • You must follow me to be eligible to win. This contest is to show my appreciation for my followers; therefore, it would not make much sense for me to hand over a prize to someone who just happened to see this by chance. Yes, that technically means that nothing is stopping you from just following me to enter the contest, then unfollowing me once it ends. Doing so is kind of a dick move, but given that this is the internet, I won’t really be surprised or offended if my follower count spikes to 350 while the contest is on, then drops to 7 once it’s over. XD
  • There will be 3 winners, with one prize per person. If you are picked more than once from the pool of potential winners, someone new will be re-chosen, until 3 unique entrants have been selected.
  • Prizes are not ordered or prioritized; I reserve the right to assign them how I see fit, most likely to accommodate any restrictions that may arise on the prizes that require shipping.
  • Contest will end one day after I hit the 300 follower mark, or March 25th, whichever comes later. I’m just 11 away (as of original posting), and I posted this on the 21st, so at the very least, you’ll have 4 days to see it and enter.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify anyone. This is not very likely to come up, but considering that I’ll probably be shelling out upwards of $100 total for all the prizes, I don’t want anybody making the mistake of thinking this contest is being run on anyone’s terms but my own. If you have a problem with that, don’t enter.



((For anyone that hasn’t entered yet, time is running out!))



Anonymous asked:

A frog hops into your ask box, before expanding and bursting into confetti. Underneath the confetti is a rolled up note, surrounding a nugget of solid gold! The note says the following: “Thank you for being you! You are an awesome person, and deserve every word of praise you have earned or been told. Pass this along to another 5 people to share the love!” At the bottom of the note is a simple spell for summoning a frog and nugget for another, simply requiring you to send it along to another!

Excuse you. Why is my ask meme in my ask box? It’s not supposed to boomerang back. butthankyouanywaysisuppose

daijujikurou asked:

Kurou had to take a moment to translate what she said in his head... it had been a while. "Eh... Alright. Not as good as you, but I've had my moments, good and bad I suppose." he said with a shrug. "So tell me, where have you been all this while? Anywhere exciting?"

"I was asleep."



Dea giggled, though she did sit up, sliding herself under Asura so his legs were draped over her lap, giving Mahiro some more breathing room.


“I know, sweetie, I was just teasing. You’re being a very good sport about this silliness. I’m very proud of you.”

“I think she thinks I’m going to consummate it. I just wanted to cuddle. Your ‘daughter’ is a bit silly sometimes Dea.” He grinned, teasing. 

It was too much to handle; not just the now-lessened physical contact, but the teasing. She hadn’t felt this many emotions all at once since she didn’t even know. Embarrassment, credulence, frustration, did I mention embarrassment? Either way, the sheer amount of emotions she was feeling caused her to black out for the time being, her head falling back against the cushion, her body relaxing enough that she slid down a little bit off of the couch.


Dea snuggled up to her daughter, comfortably squeezed between Asura and the back of the couch.


“Hello, sweetie! You don’t mind if mommy joins you for cuddling, do you? I need to keep an eye on you, to make sure you don’t steal my Asura from me! Hehehe!”

There really was nothing she could do now, aside from moving her head around. She wasn’t comfortable at all right now; there was too much contact going on for what she knew would be an extended amount of time.

"I-I don’t even like feel that way have those feelings for guys!"

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Dea giggled, poking her surrogate daughter’s cheek playfully.


“Well, you aren’t running away screaming. By Asura’s standards, that’s already in the top ten percent of females he encounters.”

“Oh come on! That’s a little harsh.”


Surprised by the appearance of her mother, and what she said, Mahiro blushed a bit, unable to think of anything to really say.

"Mother Dea!"


“See now this isn’t so bad. You’re a good little wife. Cuddling isn’t hard at all.”

There wasn’t much she could say. It wasn’t that hard, truly, but she knew it would be pretty much impossible outside of this time to get her to do this willingly. At least she didn’t have to do anything else she didn’t want to do. But a good little wife…? That she couldn’t believe.

"I’m not doing anything nothing is being done by me, so how can you determine say whether I’m a good or not good a bad or not bad wife? I’m not inviting asking you to do anything also."

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